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TFS Preview

For those of you who need or want a safe storage for your solutions/projects/code you might want to check TFS Preview out.

Granted that this is in preview (as the name so obviously implies) and the service might not be as feature rich when it gets released as it’s being presented now but it’s still a cool step for Microsoft.

Of course they’re meeting the competition from other vendors such as FogCreek and their Mercurial based Kiln and the stuff that Assembla offers but it’s still a cool.

I think I’ve said cool too many times now.

Having your code in the cloud also means that you can, theoretically, worry less about it getting lost due to a disk crash or worse things.

Another cool thing I recently read about is TFS Express.
Not cloud based but for a free product it seems pretty feature rich.
Of course both products are for hooking you into using Microsoft products and get you stuck with them but to be honest, you can be stuck with worse.
Oh and if MS isn’t using TFS Preview for usage analysis then they’re fools.

I’m currently trying out the TFS Preview although I haven’t given it the time I’d want to.
I’m running it along with Visual Studio 2010. It works when you’ve updated VS 2010 with the download they provide on the TFS Preview page.

It has a nice little web interface that I do hope they continue to upgrade.
Deleting projects, for instance, is something that you should be able to do.
Now I just have to think up a cool little project so I can source control like the wind.


blog rant

Been meaning to try this for a while…

This is a “Hello World” post.

Imagine that!
A computer nerd with a blog.
Been working my way towards this for many years, always meant to code my own blog engine and always gave up somewhere mid-way.

So I’m giving WordPress a try.
It’s supposed to be King, right?
I mean a blog engine that has almost 30million results about alternatives to it must be somewhat decent.

As to what I’m planning to blog about?
Computer nerdness, mostly.

Setting up this blog, for instance.
How to get the most out of WordPress plugins and such.
How to get or design a metro theme for this blog would be another topic.
This one is great but I’m to stingy to pay the 50 bucks for it, so I might just try and make my own. That way I’ll be forced to take a peek into the world of css and php which I’ve meant to do for a long time… but there is just so little time and computer games have used up most of that resource.

Let’s leave it at that for the time being, shall we