Creating A Calculated Column In MS SQL

This is something I’ve been doing a lot lately.
Seem to find myself googling for the syntax every time I have to so this is a reference for me, mostly, but you can use it if you behave.

The T-SQL syntax for adding a calculated column to a table looks like this:

ALTER TABLE [<TableName>]
ADD <NewCalculatedColumnName> AS (<SQL for value>) PERSISTED

A couple of notes:

  • <TableName> is the ┬áname of the table you’re adding a column to.
  • <NewCalculatedColumnName> is the name of the new column
  • <SQL for value> is a valid T-SQL statement.
  • PERSISTED –┬áSpecifies that the Database Engine will physically store the computed values in the table, and update the values when any other columns on which the computed column depends are updated.



Deleting projects from tfspreview

Just a quick trick for me and those of you who have been playing around with the tfs preview.

The trick? How to delete a project from tfspreview (I gave it away at the title, didn’t I?)